Closing cybersecurity gaps with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

23 Jun 2022

Hardware vulnerabilities and threats Every laptop, smartphone, tablet, and desktop that connects to your network is a potential entry point for cybercriminals to penetrate your system with malware and viruses. These attacks can take advantage of weak passwords, delve deep into systems, infiltrate networks, and cause chaos and disruption within your business. Certain types of […]

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What is Microsoft Intune?

10 Jun 2022

In today’s modern workplace we access data and connect with each other from various devices more than ever before. Aside from a laptop or PC, your team uses smartphones or tablets to work and collaborate remotely. This is a huge challenge for businesses as it increases the risk of devices being lost or stolen if […]

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What are the differences between Mobile App Management and Mobile Device Management?

27 Apr 2022

It’s almost humbling to look back on the mid-2000s, where the smart phone kick-started a technical revolution and put web-connected, technically transformative hardware in our pockets. In kickstarting the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, our smart phones became a simple, more flexible way to connect to our workplaces. Simpler times, not least compared to […]

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The Importance of Microsoft Cloud Backup

07 Apr 2022

As Microsoft have developed such an advanced and impressive operative system, relied upon by millions of businesses and personal users across the globe, it is no wonder that cyber criminals view the Microsoft Cloud as a lucrative target. No matter how strong your defences are, there is always the possibility of your Cloud security being […]

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Unpacking the Microsoft Security Stack: Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Explained

21 Feb 2022

The Threat Microsoft Office 365 is an intuitive, innovative and user-friendly suite of productivity applications used by over a million businesses worldwide. As so many users rely on it, it’s no wonder that Office 365 is a frequent target of cyber crime. Therefore, it is vital that you take advantage of the available Microsoft security […]

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Why are Veeam & Azure Backups crucial for legal firms?

07 Oct 2021

Discover the importance of backing up your data in the cloud. In the legal sector, it is absolutely vital to ensure that your data is secure. A data loss or breach would not only be extremely expensive for your business but would damage your firm’s hard-built reputation. Relying solely on on-premise storage is dangerous. To make your firm’s data as secure as possible, you need to […]

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Secure your legal firm with these IT tips

23 Sep 2021

While cyber-security is important for any business, it is especially vital for legal firms. Why? Simply put, your data is extremely confidential. If left unprotected, it can be an easy target for cyber-criminals. Ensuring you have the correct IT systems in place defends your firm from data breaches, saving you time, money and reputational damage. […]

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The IT essentials for legal firms

06 Aug 2021

The digital threat landscape is forever changing, with new cyber-attacks being released into the digital world every day. Not only are they rapidly increasing, but also increasing in sophistication, therefore a need for technology to ensure your business is protected and remain productive without any downtime or glitches is vital.   But why is it […]

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Have you tried turning it on and off again….

08 Jan 2021

This is the commonly held view of IT Support. Being told to turn your PC off and on to remedy problems. There is no smoke without fire and without doubt, this is a commonly used phrase around IT Support people but it doesn’t tell the whole picture. The reality is that IT systems are now […]

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Invoice Phishing

01 Mar 2019

Lately at Consilium we’ve been seeing an increase in phishing attacks. Employees of a company are sent invoices for large sums of money that appear to come from legitimate sources from within the company or from trusted partners and suppliers. This is an old style of attack but it’s very effective as it can be […]

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