Consilium offer highly resilient and secure infrastructure that’s compliance ready, freeing up IT teams to focus on internal infrastructure while our IT experts proactively monitor the health of computer systems and infrastructure. We alert your teams to any issues as soon as they arise and remotely tweak configurations on the fly to keep business-centric systems up and running, increasing business continuity.


With our Managed IT Service, Glasgow businesses can benefit from our experts, patching, fixing and updating computer systems. IT system health is proactively monitored, alerting business owners to any issues and working to repair them 24/7, all with predictable pricing models that can scale up and/or down to meet your business demand any time of year.

Consilium enable businesses of all sizes to future proof their technological infrastructure by moving away from the break-fix approach and into a proactive managed service to maintain optimal system health, minimising downtime and increasing productivity.

Cloud Solutions for Glasgow Enterprises

Consilium are knowledgeable on all the major software providers in the UK, including Microsoft, Symantec, Veritas, Citrix, VMWare and Nutanix. We can migrate or integrate secure and scalable cloud solutions in any size of business.

Additionally, Worldwide data centres are utilised, providing businesses with out-the-box data security compliance and a back up to use for disaster recovery. Cloud services benefit from lower costs due to being software driven instead of hardware.

Glasgow IT Consultancy Services

Whether you need a Digital Transformation Strategy to streamline your IT operations, or you’re more focused on Cyber Essentials IT security, Consilium can assess your current network, offer key insights to improve infrastructure and deliver on future proofed IT design and assist in Deployment Planning Services (DPS).

Leverage Consilium for Cutting Edge Security with Palo Alto Traps

Consilium are the UK’s only Managed Service Provider in the UK to offer Traps to businesses. Differing from traditional Antivirus products that react to threats, Palo Alto Traps work proactively by capturing and blocking unrecognised source code with filters and whitelisting before any source code can be delivered to your computers.

Malware and exploits are history when traditional AV is swapped for state-of-the-art Traps. No worrying about downtime or ransomware executables infecting your systems.

With all Anti-virus products, code is checked against known threats for a match before it is blocked. The obvious downside there is it has to be detected to be known. With Palo Alto Traps, it assumes nothing! Anything trying to enter your network won’t run until it is verified as safe and then whitelisted.

Beyond Management: We Provide Tremendous R.O.I

We invest our time and resources into understanding our clients and working together to deliver technological solutions to drive productivity and operational efficiencies.

You know your business, we know technology!

Together, your business will finally have tailored top-of-the-line technology working to improve employee efficiencies, getting more done in less time with streamlined processes. All your technology can be harmonised, syncing all data to central locations, encouraging file sharing and collaboration, which decreases duplication leading to lower operational costs.

When your Business Needs IT Support in Glasgow…


✔ IT Infrastructure Audit  |  ✔ Security Check  |  ✔ Online Backup Trial  |  ✔ Office 365 Trial  |  ✔ 1 Free Helpdesk Ticket

We’re partners with many of the world’s largest business software specialists — such as Microsoft, Symantec, Veritas, Citrix, VMWare and Nutanix — a pedigree you’ll find hard to match in Scotland. Our deep understanding of business software means we can help you with a wide range of IT solutions. But it’s not just software we help our clients with — IT infrastructures, cloud computing, security, and lots more.

IT Support

Outsource your IT Support to Consilium

- Telephone, Remote & Onsite Support
- Unlimited or Credit Based Support
- Qualified Technicians backed up by Senior IT Consultants
- Local Presence

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Cloud Services

Consilium can offer support services for all IT functions including Office 365, Azure, IT Security & Backup.

- Accredited by leading vendors
- Unified billing across vendors
- Cloud migration services
- One point of contact for support

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Application Support

IT support for key applications delivered by accredited IT helpdesk engineers and consultants. Support for all leading vendors

Single & multi-vendor support options available
Flexible credit based support
Credits can be used for services or support

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Our Pedigree

Our Glasgow IT support team has been helping clients for more than a decade. We can also access the specialist knowledge of our consulting teams to bring even more expertise to your IT projects. As a full-service provider, we’re one of only a few IT support companies who can offer this level of service.


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