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When you’re a Consilium client, we don’t leave you to fend for yourself once we’ve implemented your new services. We can provide a level of support that’s matched precisely to your needs, and makes sure your infrastructure and applications continue to perform the way they were intended.



When you’ve invested substantial sums in business applications, such as Exchange, System Center, Enterprise Vault and NetBackup, you’ll want to make sure they continue to work for you as best as they can. With our help you can optimise the effectiveness of your business software, and improve the performance and efficiency of your business operations. Our support also helps you resolve incidents and problems in an efficient way, reducing the impact on your business.


Infrastructure support keeps your IT estate, including firewalls, network equipment, storage and servers, working efficiently and effectively, every day. We can help you by managing your whole network, or some elements of it, guarding against the significant cost of downtime and data loss. Maintaining it is important too, and helps you identify issues before they cause any catastrophic system failure.

The good news is that we can carry out both these functions, and more. Put simply, when you need us, we’ll be there.


Outsourcing your IT support helps you make savings on in-house training and resources. With Consilium you can pre-pay for your support package and use it in any way you need — consultancy or support for applications or infrastructure. Choosing Consilium means:

  • Rapid responses from our UK based technical team
  • Access to a team of highly qualified technical consultants
  • ‘How do I’ advice for general enquiries and non-support related issues
  • ISO20000 accredited service desk, supported by vendor technical specialists
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