What is Microsoft Intune?

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In today’s modern workplace we access data and connect with each other from various devices more than ever before. Aside from a laptop or PC, your team uses smartphones or tablets to work and collaborate remotely. This is a huge challenge for businesses as it increases the risk of devices being lost or stolen if not managed properly. So how do you ensure you can keep track of every single device? Through Mobile Device Management. There are several mobile device management solutions out there, but when it comes to protecting your business, you’ll want the crème de la crème of MDM solutions. And that’s Microsoft Intune.

Read on to discover what Microsoft Intune is, what it does and what features and benefits come with one of the best MDM solutions on the market.


What is Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) solution. Through Intune you can manage all your mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops to ensure a high level of data protection. It also allows your business to control applications and keep personal data apart from business data, prevent emails from being sent to people outside your business, have your team use their personal devices securely, and deploy the Office 365 application stack to all your devices to create a collaborative and productive workplace.


What can you do with Microsoft Intune?


Manage your teams’ devices

To ensure that your business’ data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands, with Microsoft Intune, you can enrol and control every employee’s corporate or personal device. It’ll give you full control over your devices’ settings, features and security. Configure settings and policies as you need them – implement a VPN connection, threat protection, multi-factor authentication, etc. Managing your devices in Microsoft Intune provides you with:

  • Comprehensive compliance reports on your enrolled users and devices
  • Options to wipe your users’ devices if lost or stolen
  • Configuration settings to meet security standards
  • An overview and inventory of our enrolled devices


Manage your teams’ applications

Microsoft Intune also allows you to manage and protect data in the applications on both personal and business devices through app protection policies. These policies allow you to isolate personal from organisational data, restrict access or actions for certain users and create and deploy policies for all enrolled devices.


Strengthen security and compliance

As it integrates with Azure AD, Microsoft Intune allows you to effectively manage access regulations. Depending on the compliance and security standards your business has to respond to, you can create your personalised access controls and restrict certain groups of users or devices from accessing specific application data.


What are the features and benefits?

With Microsoft Intune, you as a business can provide your employees with a flexible and productive work environment while also keeping your data secure. Regardless of the device and operating system – Windows, iOS and Android – you can flexibly secure data from one single, cloud-based solution.

Here are all Microsoft Intune features at a glance:

  • Data encryption
  • Device tracking
  • Password enforcement
  • Device inventory
  • Remote data wiping
  • App distribution


Do you think Microsoft Intune would be the right fit for your business? Download our helpful guide to Microsoft Intune and discover how it can help you keep an eye on your team’s devices, and your business data.



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