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Office 365 delivers the applications that you’ve been using for years, and lets you access them anytime — wherever you are.



In a mobile first world, your people need 24-hour access to their office, from anywhere and at any time. Office 365 brings together all those Office apps we’ve grown up with — Word, Outlook, Excel and more. But it’s not just apps, you can include storage and file access, online meetings and other features to make your communications as seamless as they can be.


Office 365 bundles a range of services, such as office applications, email and cloud storage. You choose which elements you need, so you only pay for those parts you use. Our expertise includes helping organisations move from onsite Exchange services to a more flexible Office 365 email package.


Office 365 is for SMEs and enterprises. Coming from the world’s largest and most successful software developer, you would expect nothing short of excellent, and that’s exactly what you get. What’s more, this unparalleled service comes at a great price.

No hardware investment

You don’t need a server to operate Office 365, everything can be cloud based. That way you save on hardware purchase and maintenance, and your people can easily access their work remotely.

Always the latest versions

No need to apply software updates, they happen automatically. You’ll always have access to the latest features. It also takes the strain off of your IT people.

Multiple device

All plans let you sync data on any number of devices. With Office 365 your licence covers each user on up to five devices — so they can work smarter on their office PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.


Office 365 works from your PC or Mac, or your iOS, Android or Windows device. Office 365 is built for sharing, and for today’s mobile and remote workforces.


Office 365 is packed with great features — the ones you select will depend on the needs of your business today. When things change in the future, you can easily add more.

Office apps

Microsoft applications on Office 365 help your people get work done, online and offline. From Access and Excel to PowerPoint and Word, they’ll have access to the apps they use every day – from a variety of devices.

Email and calendar

Office 365 lets you send attachments up to 150Mb, and gives each user a huge 50Gb of mailbox space. And calendar sharing makes scheduling simpler.

Online meetings

Skype for business offers instant messaging, voice and video chat. It puts you at the same table as your meeting participants, and makes it easy to share your desktop.

File sharing

Built for collaboration with a massive 1Tb storage space for each user, Office 365 promotes real team working when combined with One Drive for Business or SharePoint.



As an authorised Gold Partner of Microsoft, and an Office 365 reseller, we’ll help you get the best from Office 365. Our services include planning, implementing and supporting your Office 365 installation. We don’t charge a hefty upfront fee either. Instead we charge a small, per user, maintenance fee in addition to your Microsoft licence fee.


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