Secure your legal firm with these IT tips

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While cyber-security is important for any business, it is especially vital for legal firms. Why? Simply put, your data is extremely confidential. If left unprotected, it can be an easy target for cyber-criminals. Ensuring you have the correct IT systems in place defends your firm from data breaches, saving you time, money and reputational damage.

Worried about cyber-safety within your legal firm? Check out these tips.


1. Train your team in cybersecurity

Don’t rely solely on technology to protect your data. Your team are often the ones putting it at risk. Both the volume and complexity of cyber-crime has increased drastically following the Covid-19 pandemic and the move to remote working. Anyone can be caught out if they don’t know what they’re looking for. Phishing emails are all too easy to open accidentally and can contain dangerous ransomware or malware that makes your data vulnerable. The cost of a data breach is far higher than that of cyber-training, not only monetarily, but in terms of client loss and reputational damage. By enrolling your employees in cybersecurity training they can learn what to avoid, and how to prevent data breaches.


2. Be smart when sharing data

As a legal firm, the security of your data should be your top priority. You might think that sharing data manually is safer. Don’t be fooled. Technology solutions such as Microsoft 365 allow you to share your files more securely, protecting your information from being accessed by unauthorised users. Emails don’t offer the same defence. In the legal sector, confidentiality is key. Investing in smarter technology ensures you meet data compliance regulations and your clients feel secure entrusting you with their data.


3.Secure your devices

Remote working is here to stay, at least in some capacity. Your team might be using devices from home such as laptops and smartphones. In such a fast-paced sector it’s likely that your team will be using their devices on the go. Are you certain that these are secure? Have you invested in protection for any and all devices that have access to your data? Simple solutions, like anti-virus software, are no longer sufficient to ensure the high level of security your data needs. Often, they only protect the network, leaving individual devices open to corruption. Endpoint protection will protect your firm’s devices, ensuring that your data is defended from all sides.

Need more information about how to make your legal firm as secure as can be? Our eBook has more information and advice.

IT Essentials for Legal Firms

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