Why are Veeam & Azure Backups crucial for legal firms?

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Discover the importance of backing up your data in the cloud.

In the legal sector, it is absolutely vital to ensure that your data is secure. A data loss or breach would not only be extremely expensive for your business but would damage your firm’s hard-built reputation. Relying solely on on-premise storage is dangerous. To make your firm’s data as secure as possible, you need to back it up in the cloud.

There are a number of cloud solutions available on the market, so you need to ensure that you invest in the best one. Your company’s data is your most valuable asset. Give it the protection it needs.

Consilium utilise best-in-class backup software via Veeam alongside Azure cloud storage providing a cost-effective, accredited, cloud-based backup solution. Veeam and Microsoft Azure have more certifications than any other cloud provider, making it a reliable choice for your business’ data.

Why is a Veeam and Azure Backup a good choice for your legal firm?



You work in a busy, fast-paced sector. You need to be able to manage your backups quickly and with minimal fuss. Azure Backup offers a range of services that will speed up the process for you, including built-in backup capabilities that secure your data as you go. When you do need to backup manually, Azure Backup provides one-click backup support. These time-saving services mean that there is no excuse to leave your data unprotected.


Your legal firm is always developing. You need a backup solution that can support you as your business grows. Azure Backup is fully scalable, based on your specific storage needs. No matter how many clients your firm is juggling, you can ensure that all your data is backed up and secure. Azure Backup allows you to back up at scale using Backup Center. Backup Center is specifically designed to allow you to manage large data backups with clarity and control. Features such as a single pane of glass and centered views and filters for specific data sources make managing your backups clearer. Azure Backup is perfect for busy legal firms who need to sort and backup different types of data efficiently.


Ensuring data security is crucial for legal firms. Your clients rely on you to protect their highly sensitive and confidential information, and so suffering a cyber-attack or data breach would be catastrophic for your business. Thankfully, Azure Backup works to make your data as secure as possible. Azure Backup uses three foundational pillars of security to protect your data: prevention, alerting and recovery. Azure Backup also provides a range of further security features, which offer you extra layers of defence. You have the option to enable multi-factor authentication to protect against ransomware, use customer-managed, 256-bit AES encrypted keys to access data, or enable soft delete to ensure data recovery for up to two weeks. These tools help to protect against both user error and malicious cyber-threats, so your firm’s valuable data is protected on all fronts.

As a legal firm, security should be your top priority. It is sensible to choose Azure as your cloud solution, as Microsoft shares your security-centric outlook. Microsoft invests more than $1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development, to ensure that they provide can the best security services.

So, what are you waiting for? Migrate to Azure Backup today.

To find out more about the many benefits Azure Backup could bring your legal firm, book a meeting with one of Consilium’s expert consultants today.


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