Why Office 365 is great for businesses

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The adoption of cloud services can be a huge decision for organisations of all sizes, which means most will want to ensure it’s the right step to take before committing to making the change.

By now, most businesses are familiar with Microsoft Office, with many dependent on it to perform vital day-to-day administrative tasks. From document processing to calculating expenses, it offers a variety of tools designed to make life easier.

Of course, some businesses running Office from five years or even a decade ago might not realise just how far things have progressed with Office 365 – and how important it is to ensure that software is up to date.

Below are five reasons why it might be time to get IT Support in Glasgow to help upgrade you to cloud services like Office 365:

1. Working from anywhere is made easy
One of the largest advantages Office 365 has over other admin suites is that it provides users with the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Because it is completely cloud-based, it’s possible to connect to files, documents, email and Office programs like Excel, PowerPoint and Word from any location and from any device. Plans are flexible and can include desktop versions of Office programs too, which can be installed on up to five devices per user. Ultimately, Office 365 is designed to bring flexibility to companies with multiple locations, remote employees and reps who are often on the road.

2. Collaboration couldn’t be simpler
If your team needs to work together, Office 365 makes it happen – and the best part is, you’ll get one document and one version of the truth. Everybody tasked with contributing or editing a document can work on the same version and see real-time changes, without having to worry about having risking mistakes due to multiple versions of a document being emailed back and forth.

3. Increased security
In recent times there’s been a misconception about the security of cloud services like Office 365 when in truth it’s arguably more secure than an on premise install of Office. It comes with a host of security features and isn’t quite as vulnerable to exploits and backdoors as older versions of the Microsoft staple. Office 365 offers encrypted email, data loss prevention, mobile device management and advanced threat analytics, providing you with peace of mind that your organisation’s data is safe and secure.

4. Affordable monthly payments
As a subscription-based service, Office 365 can benefit the cash-flow of your company. Instead of paying a large lump-sum upfront to purchase the software, you can instead arrange for your Glasgow IT support representative to install 365 on your devices and pay-as-you-go on a monthly basis.

5. Flexibility
There are multiple business plans available on Office 365, each with different features and programs. Not everybody in your team will need the exact same setup, which means you can mix and match plans to ensure you pay no more than you need to. Switching between plans is seamless, too – so if you need to upscale your cloud services, you can.

Our IT Support in Glasgow have a wealth of experience implementing and maintaining Office 365 environments for our customers. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your business.

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