Veritas Vision 2017

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Veritas Vision 2017

More than a week has come and gone since Veritas Vision in the amazing City of Las Vegas. On a somewhat sombre note my thoughts go out anyone caught up in the attack earlier this week. It so easily could have been me or anyone else I was with only a week before.

The conference itself was set within the huge Aria hotel, one of the latest flagship hotels on the Vegas strip. A glamorous venue for what was going to turn out to be an awesome event. I met some amazing people form the VERITAS team, customer and partners alike.

Vision 2016 was in the same hotel at the same time as last year but I think this year was different? I’ve been to many Veritas Vision (formerly Symantec Vision) conferences over the years so why was this one different? For starters, last year was the first Vision conference after the demerger with Symantec so I think there was a bit of uncertainly all round. What direction are Veritas taking? Where will they be in a year? What’s their R&D strategy and product roadmap? So, on that, I think veritas have found their feet. What do I mean by that? Well, they are no longer ‘the NetBackup folk’ They truly are now one of the leaders in information management. Yes, the new enhancements to NetBackup look awesome and the largest appliances have faster throughput and greater capacity than ever before, never mind the enhancement to the virtual appliances for your more remote locations. In addition to the integration with Azure/AWS and the Nutanix tie up, it’s the new technology that’s exciting.

It’s the Information map. It’s Velocity, It’s Access and the Veritas Resiliency Platform and the wrap around solutions to address GDPR next year. It all seems to be coming together nicely into a portfolio of collaborative solutions that not only address your information management issues but address your GDPR compliance requirements and concerns.

One of the many interesting sessions was busting the myths around GDPR. If you are concerned about GDPR I suggest you have a look here:

Quote from IDC: “We believe VERITAS GDPR portfolio is the strongest in the data assessment area’

Moving on from GDPR, the whole wraparound 360 data management suite is exciting. The management of your data is becoming more and more and a daily struggle and with data growth growing exponentially, it’s something every organisation needs to address, and soon. Some of the largest companies in the works are built on the power of harnessing their information using a proper, defined information management strategy (Amazon/Uber/AirBnB to name just a few). They aren’t built on bricks and mortar or tangible assets, in fact, many have very few assets!! They are built on the basis of harnessing and using data effectively and turning data into useful information and turning information into big business. But in order to achieve this you need to know what that data is, where it is and whom the data belongs.

Another highlight of Vision was the inspiring Richard Branson who gave a keynote speech. He has always been someone that inspires me. Maybe it’s his constant smiley face, I don’t know. What is clear is that he is very much a people person and it’s clear to see people are at the heart of building his successful empire. A phrase that stuck with me “don’t treat people the way you would like to be treated, treat people the way THEY would like to be treated’.

The conference closed on a high. The awesome 80’s band ‘Foreigner’ (you know the song ‘I want to know what love is’) closed what was a fantastic conference.

If you were swithering about the benefits of going to Vision I can wholeheartedly recommend it for next year. Not only is the conference itself highly informative and fun but the hospitality VERITAS lay on during the conference and in the evenings is second to none.

And if you didn’t know, VERITAS was the mythological Roman Goddess of ‘Truth’ and the message throughout Vision 2017 was simple;

‘The Truth in information’

Let us help you find the truth in your information and your most valuable digital asset. For instance, why don’t you talk to us today about a dark data assessment?

Let us help you identify where your data is, what it is and help young on your journey to an information management strategy, GDPR compliance and unlocking the truth in your information. I for one and very buoyed by Vision this year and even more so at the prospect of helping our customers on their information management journey.

Steven Brown


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