VERITAS Vision 2016

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Last week saw Veritas’ first independent worldwide ‘Vision’ conference in more than 10 years.

From the opening of the first keynote speech which was a Hollywood style lights and laser show, the general theme coming through the whole event was “Veritas is back”. Veritas seems to have back the buoyancy of old and a spring in its step and with the event being held in the amazing city of Las Vegas it really was a spectacle and an amazing event and place to hold the first worldwide Vision conference in over a decade. The heady mix of Veritas’ Vision moving forward coupled with some fun times in Vegas definitely made it a trip to remember. The glitz and glamour of the Vegas Strip aside, the messages coming from Veritas confirmed to me that there has never been a more exciting time to be part of the Veritas partner (and customer) community than right now.

It’s clear the world is changing and the tidal wave towards cloud solutions was one of the key messages coming out of Vision this year. We need to turn your data into information and more importantly, information that means the right thing to the right people that is available anywhere at any time to those who want and need it.

Ana Pinczuk, Chief Product officer at Veritas stated at the keynote:

The opportunity to leverage data is hindered by the fact that it’s stored in many places, making it difficult for organizations to manage and govern,” said Ana Pinczuk, Chief Product Officer at Veritas. “In a world of digital transformation where information is everything, data becomes your key business asset. Data is growing exponentially and you can’t solve that with hardware. A software-driven approach, which completely abstracts information from infrastructure, is the only path forward. Veritas’ data management solutions help organizations achieve data protection, business resiliency and regulatory readiness across heterogeneous environments, whether on-premises or in the cloud.”

Building on existing partnerships with AWS and Google, other exciting developments is the building on the existing relationship with Red Hat and Microsoft. Moving forward Veritas will be delivering business continuity, data protection and storage management solutions on Openstack and Azure so watch this space for forthcoming connector capabilities. All great stuff.

One of my favourite phrases of the event was “what’s worse than a lifetime of hardware with EMC? An eternity in Dell”.

OK, so it’s clear that there’s no love lost between the organisations but the message is simple. It’s not about throwing more storage at the problem. Think smarter, think management not storage. Use Veritas to understand your data loads and archive and protect your data and stop the data backup and storage sprawl.

Understand your data with Data Insight, manage and archive your data with Enterprise Vault/.cloud and protect your data with Netbackup and Netbackup Appliances.

For a full debriefing on everything Veritas had to showcase at Vision, please visit

Also talk to us about Veritas’ vision for the future of Information management and protection and how we can help you leverage the most for your data, dark data and sensitive data and transform your business from a myriad of ‘meaningless data all over’ to turning it into relevant, protected and managed information anywhere.

So, after a week in Vegas, and ‘Information is EVERYTHING’ circling my head I’m just about recovered and very much looking forward to working with Veritas this year and beyond.

Steven Brown


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