Veritas NetBackup Forum, Lisbon June 2017

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Just before I went on holiday (which is now a distant memory) I attended the Veritas #netbackupforum event in the beautiful city of Lisbon. Located in the Marriott hotel, never before have I attended an event where the main auditorium was in a converted car park underneath the building!! What a great venue and idea (photo below). The event itself gave some fantastic insight into the Veritas strategy and products moving forward and some valuable technical sessions focussing on the technology solutions important to our mutual customers. The event was attended by a mix of customers from all over EMEA and partners alike. Although centred around NetBackup, the more recent ‘wrap around’ solutions across the veritas stack were very well received by the audience. If you had a perception that Veritas were ‘just the backup guys’ then think again. They have far more to offer.

The power of information is not to be underestimated and this is what Veritas is all about. Some of the biggest businesses in the world such as Uber/AirBnB/Amazon are only a matter of a few years old and have built their business on the power of turning access to data into meaningful powerful Information to grow and run their Business. Knowing where your information is, at any given time and more importantly, understanding what that information is and the value to the business is crucial. If you’re not addressing your data management issues, your competitors sure are.

To ensure you stay ahead of the competition, understand what and where your data is and to become GDPR compliant (May 2018), please talk to us about how Consilium UK, working with the Veritas technology stack, can transform your unstructured and unmanaged data into a comprehensive data management strategy that can transform and drive your business forward.

Steven Brown, Consilium UK.

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