The necessity of backups for your organisation

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Having a duplicate copy of your business’ critical information, stored in a remote location, is a must for any organisation. There is no shortage of calamities which can befall your data and cause you to lose a vital set of files at a crucial moment.

– Computer crashes always happen at the worst possible time, and often lead to data loss, especially if you didn’t save that presentation you were working on.

– Malware. Ransomware, in particular, can render your entire organisation unable to access files for days, or possibly forever, unless you have the right backups.

– Hard drive failure. Most commercial hard disk drives will last for approximately 50,000 hours before they fail. That may sound like a lot, but however long the drive lasts is no consolation if it fails and you lose access to all of the data stored on it.

– Physical computer damage. If it’s possible for something to go wrong, it will. And that includes your team pouring coffee over their work laptop, or your server having a critical failure.

The bottom line

Bad things happen. Unless data is stored on at least two separate devices, preferably in two physically separate locations, a single failure could cause you to lose it entirely. Some files can be recreated, some work can be redone, but many documents are simply irreplaceable and, for many businesses, data losses can come with stiff legal penalties and fines under the GDPR.

Backing up

For most SME’s we recommend Veeam. The Veeam Cloud Connect service can create cloud backups of all of your valuable business data, as well as offering options to create local backups which are very useful when someone accidentally deletes that valuable file at a crucial moment.

If your business doesn’t have a backup system for your data, or if you’re concerned that your current system might need an upgrade take a trial of Veeam with us to see how we can held safeguard your computer systems.

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