The first proper solution to protect against ransomware

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There is finally a proper solution to protect against Ransomware!

Palo Alto Networks, a 6 year Gartner leader for Enterprise firewalls, have leveraged their expertise and cloud platform to create a class leading endpoint security platform.

Traps is an advanced endpoint protection solution that can (and should) replace your current AV. Whilst you may think your AV has protection against malware and viruses; it doesn’t. Zero Day attacks can evade virus signatures and the additional malware protection on current AV solutions aren’t robust enough to afford the right level of protection.

Traps uses multiple methods of prevention. Traps checks everything that is run on an endpoint against a whitelist in the cloud called Wildfire. When Traps encounters code it hasn’t seen it detonates that code in Palo Alto Network’s cloud and either denies if it is deemed a threat or adds it to the whitelist going forward. That whitelist is shared with all Traps customers amounting to a huge repository used by all Traps installations. In addition Traps has a number of other tools as it’s disposal including

Static Analysis via Machine Learning

  • Policy Exclusion Restrictions
  • Cloud Detonation
  • Application Whitelisting
  • Lightweight Client
  • SaaS or Traditional Licencing Model

Not only is Traps effective, it’s also fast. As there is no active scanning it’s superior in terms of performance on the desktop. Some customers move to Traps purely for the benefits in performance for their desktop and VDI users.

Contact us today for a FREE trial or to sign up for webex to learn more. We will even give you a FREE drone for attending


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