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Capex accounts for just part of your IT budget; maintaining, patching and supporting hardware and software takes the lion’s share. We can help you control these costs, from purchase through to decommission.


We’ve partnered with two of the largest endpoint management providers: Symantec whose Altiris IT Management Suite covers Windows, Mac OSX, various flavours of Unix and hardware devices, and Microsoft’s System Centre which covers the Microsoft product range. This means we can help you with almost any estate configuration.


Buying a PC or any other piece of hardware is only part of the cost of having and using technology. Maintaining it, adding and removing applications, applying updates and solving issues is where the bulk of the costs lie. With a Consilium managed service we can help you control these costs, and remove a lot of the administration burden in the process. Take a look at just some of the other benefits.

Network security

We can make sure your security policies are applied universally, report on compliance with the policies, and apply patches when needed

Energy savings

We can apply power saving measures like forcing devices such as computers to turn off or hibernate when they’re not being used, overnight and at weekends.

Manage licence costs

We can help you identify the software you use, make sure you’re licenced to run it, and find unused licences you can use elsewhere.

Helpdesk management

Our service takes the strain off your people too. With a well-managed system your helpdesk will spend less time firefighting and more time helping.

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