Some nice Office 365 Updates for Feb 2016

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The wheels keep a turnin’ with the updates/upgrades for some of the key Office 365 / Azure components that we at Consilium and many of our customers utilise. The changes below maybe seem small incremental updates, but believe me when we say that they are all very welcome!

Azure AD Connect

The component previously called dirsync has gone through a few name changes, but is has recently been updated to v1.1. The main updates are:

Sync Interval – normally pinned at 3hrs, this can now be reduced to 30mins without the need to hack the sync task.

Auto Upgrade – certain deployments (done via choosing “express”) will auto update to the latest and greatest.

Domain Filtering – OU filtering can now be setup during the install, no need to set it up in staging mode, config etc.

Sign in Method – easily change from password sync to ADFS and back again.

grab this baby from here.

Exchange on-Line

Have you deployed a hybrid? It is probably our most common type of deployment these days. Frustrated by the way some permissions do not work across on premise mailboxes and Office 365 ones? Well this has now been fixed, and Full-Access will work across both sides “of the divide”. There is also a newer wizard for setting up those pesky hybrids for Exchange 2010 which will help with what can be a fairly tricky process.

Sharepoint/One-Drive size increases

The old limits for file sizes were pinned at 2GB per file, but this is going to be increased to a chunky 10GB. This upgrade has already started across the platform so keep checking to see if you have it available and get sharing with your peers!

So although these can be seen as small incremental improvements, it does show that Microsoft are committed to improving the platform and are listening to customers. Have fun with them!


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