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As business applications become more heterogeneous, the need for smarter backup becomes essential. Our preferred system, Symantec’s NetBackup, is the market leader.


As organisations grow, so does their IT estate, often with an array of platforms, applications and infrastructures. There are challenges in managing this type of environment, including implementing a backup and recovery policy that reaches all corners. NetBackup integrates with every layer of your infrastructure. It offers a comprehensive and reliable back up, every time.


Multiple operating systems

NetBackup integrates with many server operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and UNIX. It also integrates with leading hypervisors, such as vSphere and Hyper-V.

Accelerated backup

Full backups can be eliminated with NetBackup Accelerator, drastically cutting backup times. Only changed blocks are collected and combined with previous backups.


As your IT infrastructure and data grows, so does NetBackup. Its flexible, multitier architecture means it can adapt to the growing needs of a modern enterprise data centre.

Applications and databases

NetBackup integrates with software from many of the world’s biggest providers, including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. If you’re using popular application in the UK market, NetBackup will have it covered.


As a Symantec Gold Partner, Consilium is one of only a handful of companies in the UK offering a full range of NetBackup services, including installation, upgrade, fault finding and maintenance. We can help you to integrate NetBackup with your existing network either as a standalone solution or in tandem with your current backup service.

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