Veritas Enterprise Vault

Storage and searchable archive for email


Veritas Enterprise Vault is a leading content archive for emails, attachments file server files, SharePoint, and related information. It helps you to securely store, manage and find information across the whole organisation.


Even small and medium sized businesses could be receiving and sending thousands of emails each year. When someone leaves or retires, what happens to their email? Where more than one employee works on a project, or for a particular client, how do you link their emails to generate an audit trail, or deal with a conflict? Enterprise Vault solves these issues, and more.


Enterprise Vault stores and secures your critical business information. But it does much, much more.

Single instance storage

Enterprise Vault saves space, and storage costs, by retaining just one copy of each file or message, regardless of the number places it is currently held.

Advanced search

Cut the time you spend mailbox housekeeping. Finding information is simple with Enterprise Vault’s powerful indexing and retrieval features.

Seamless user experience

Once Enterprise Vault has been activated it works seamlessly in the background, with no performance penalty. Better still, the end user doesn’t need to do anything.

Lift mailbox restrictions

Because information is efficiently stored, there’s less need to place restrictions on mailbox sizes, giving users a virtually unlimited mailbox.


With our support, Enterprise Vault is simple to use and easy to establish in your organisation’s infrastructure.

Wizards and dashboards make it easy for your administrators to manage and adapt. As one of only a handful of Symantec Gold partners in the UK, we’re expertly placed to support you with your system.

We can help you to:

Plan, design and implement your service

this involves discussing technical and business needs and configuring the product to meet those needs.

Support your team

through regular assessments of your system’s health, and recommending preventative actions

Integrate with other technologies

such as file servers, exchange and cloud.

Help with compliance

building a structure that will meet your legal and regulatory obligations, including freedom of information requests.


Consilium pride ourselves on great customer service. Please get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.
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