Veritas Backup Exec

The flexible, powerful and intuitive backup and recovery for physical and virtual environments


Wherever your data and business applications are stored — on your server or in the cloud — Backup Exec gives you a robust and reliable backup system at every level.


Backup Exec offers optimal efficiency. You can protect any number of servers, virtual servers and other machines from one place. Your critical business data is always protected, and easy to recover. Backup Exec integrates fully with the latest virtualisation platforms, including vSphere from VMware and Microsoft’s Hyper-V, and is easier to manage than some multiple-point products.


Backup Exec is a simple yet powerful tool that solves the complex problem of backup with ease. It overcomes the problems associated with expensive tape systems, offering simpler, disk-based, de-duplicated backup that’s easier to store.

Reliable and efficient

Backup Exec reduces backup and recovery times, cuts the risk and cost of downtime, and lets you easily create stand-by virtual copies of your physical systems. It also reduces backup media requirements by deduplication.

Agile and flexible

Backup Exec can backup to any storage device, including disc, tape and cloud, and can restore from anywhere. When your business grows, Backup Exec grows with you. It’s fast too — single pass backups and quick restore procedures help you reduce downtime.

Cost effective and easy to use

With intuitive wizards, Backup Exec is easy to implement, manage and adapt. Feature-rich dashboards let you keep a close eye on live tasks, set jobs and perform recoveries. And there’s a choice of licensing options so you can select a service that’s best suited to your environment.



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