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Palo Alto Firewall Title

Palo Alto Networks have pioneered the New Generation Firewall technology.
Specifically the definition of a Next Generation firewall is not the traditional model of opening ports for each service (which could run into many rules, and effort to define), but in defining applications and Content Controls

Application rules

For instance in an incoming Skype for Business Service you can define The Skype for business Application rules and the Firewall will automatically inspect and open the ports required by Skype. As the service is modified the Firewall will open the ports as necessary. This removes the tedious redefining of ports/IP Rules.

Content rules

Rules can also be set Geographically, or by User. By using a sophisticated, agentless Content inspection engine the Firewall can limit outgoing and incoming traffic by packet content.

If you want to block Facebook chat for a specific user or AD group, except between certain hours. You can do that. It really is that granular and dynamic.

Application & Content Rules


Consilium are experts in the holistic solution from Endpoint, through Server Services, Network Infrastructure through to security and can help assist unify your network and Security management. We can integrate firewalls into your strategy and streamline your change control processes. Through our partnership with Palo Alto Networks we add an extra layer of advanced security and extensive time saving processes to our offerings.

Proof of concept & Security Lifecycle

Proof of concept/Security Lifecycle review.

If your infrastructure team is replacing your existing firewall, we can place a free of charge Firewall in Tap mode onto your network which will listen for threats and examine general content being transferred around your network. We will then provide a report so you can compare the functionality with your existing solution. We believe this is best in class and like to prove it.

Firewall Hardware.

We can provide all the range of Palo Alto Networks products, from the small PA-200 through to the PA7000 Series firewalls. There is a solution just for you.

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Firewall Hardware