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Hyper-V is Microsoft’s primary server and desktop virtualisation platform. A market leader, Microsoft is constantly adding new features and improving scalability to improve its competitiveness.


Almost all of our customers already use Windows Server for their workloads. Installing Hyper-V to provide virtualisation services provides a single vendor solution across all server roles. This means easier and cheaper support, and a training model for the business.

What’s more, when you buy Windows Server you’ll also receive Hyper-V for free, with no additional licensing costs.


Hyper-V underpins Microsoft Azure, one of the world’s largest cloud environments. Using Hyper-V as your hypervisor means you can:

  • Migrate on-premise virtual machines to Azure — and migrate them back if necessary
  • Run multiple operating systems — including Windows, Linux, and others, in parallel, on a single server without having to pay additional license fees
  • Easily add additional services — such as replication and backup of virtual machines to Azure