FSLogix Apps

Unified Base Image management with App and Profile Containers


FSLogix Apps is a modern application provisioning platform at the forefront of technology. FSLogix Apps reduces the amount of hardware, time, and labor required to create and support VDI and RDSH enviroments.

Introducing you to FSLogix Apps 2.0

FSLogix Apps enables administrators of Virtual Desktop adequately to greatly reduce the number of Windows Gold images they require while still allowing easy management or per-user applications. This allows license costs to be optomised and eliminates some of the biggest problems in VDI and RDSH.


Moden day Virtual Desktop Administrators have to deal with more applications and workspace variations than ever before. Most traditional application virtualization solutions fail to adequately address all scenarios while often adding aditional overheads. FSLogix enables enterprises to easily switch to using a single Unified Base Image, without any need to ever repackaging applications.

Through “image masking”, a single Windows image can be filtered to present any number of users with only what they are allowed to see. Combined with the newly added ability to merge solution profiles and applications from App Containers into the user’s desktop, FSLogix Apps offers the most flexible and powerful solution that’s available today.


FSLogix Apps provides native application performance and compatibility without sacrificing the ability to dynamically control application visibility. FSLogix Apps does this while still allowing for image consolidation resulting in significantly simplified image management.

Increased application compatibility

As application run natively FSLogix Apps not only provides improved performance over traditional application virtualization solutions but also allow for the use of software not normally supported in these environments.

Simplified Image Management

FSLogix Apps uses application masking technology to dynamically hide from users any application they shouldn’t have access to. This means that a single image can contain all versions of all applications for all users.

Compatible with Existing Application Virtualisation solutions

FSLogix Apps can be used in conjunction with existing application virtulisation solutions to provide support for unvirtulisable applications or as part of a phased migration.

Physical Desktop Compatible

While mainly intended for used in VDI and RDSH environments the FSLogix Apps technology can also be used with physical client machines providing the same ability to use a single base image to provide all application required by all users on all machines.


From initial deployment, adhering to best practises through to a full deployment, Consilium can assist in the complete lifecycle of utilising FSLogix within your infrastructure to ensure you obtain the optimal experience.

Next Steps…

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