Microsoft Security: what’s new and what you need to know

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Microsoft Threat Protection

Microsoft has announced its new security solution Microsoft Threat Protection. Saving users and security teams time by integrating its protection across email, documents, PCs, identities, and infrastructure into a single experience in Microsoft 365. Microsoft has drawn from its experience in security products to produce its most comprehensive security solution, offering an end-to-end detection, remedial, and shielding solutions to protect companies and organisations from cyber threats.

Password-free login

Nearly all data breaches stem from passwords becoming compromised. Microsoft is delivering new support to bring an end to password security breaches by offering login via the Microsoft Authenticator app. Removing the need for passwords across thousands of apps that are connected to the Azure Active Directory and used by businesses every day. The app removes the need for passwords, eliminating the number one security liability for businesses by combining face and fingerprint recognition, PIN, and smartphone technology.

Microsoft Secure Score

The enterprise-class report card for cybersecurity is now available and claims to reduce the chance of a data breach by 3000 percent. It supplies assessments and recommendations to organisations to help secure admin and end-user accounts with MFA and terminating client-side rules for forwarding of email.

Microsoft Secure Score assists IT professionals in understanding and protecting their data security while improving overall management of their systems. The Microsoft Cloud App Security, Azure Active Directory and Azure Security Center offer additional control measures to strengthen the security and defence against threats to networks and data.

Azure confidential computing

Azure will be giving a public preview on its DC series of the groundbreaking solution to protecting data while it’s being processed in the cloud. Breaches of data often occur from hackers and cyber criminals gaining access to data that is in use for analysis and computation. This has put off many organisations entering data into cloud-based workloads. However, Azure’s new service is the first in the world to provide a platform that secures and protects the confidentiality and integrity of customer data while it is being used in a cloud-based workload.

Enhancements in modern compliance

Microsoft 365 compliance solutions have been enhanced to help organisations and companies make sure they comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). An enhanced unified labeling solution allows for the creation and configuring of sensitive data with Office 365 acting in unison with Azure Information Protection. The streamlined experience offers users of Office 365 Security and Compliance Center an integrated approach to configuring data and automatically assigning protection and retention labels to sensitive data. Upgrades to the Compliance Manager Solution include strengthened data protection controls and new risk assessment templates.

The Cybersecurity Tech Accord

Since it was first agreed in early 2018, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord has seen 27 more global organisations, including Panasonic and Swisscom, join the collaborative fight of global tech companies to protect customers all over the world from cyber attacks by criminals and nation-states. The total number of signatories is now 61, providing a broad base of expertise and knowledge to help keep the world’s systems and data secure.

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