5 services IT support can offer you

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When considering signing up for IT support, Glasgow businesses might be wondering what exactly an external service can offer them in comparison to in-house IT. In fact, there are many different things a dedicated IT company can offer you that go above and beyond internal support – serving your business better and ensuring your company is running smoother than ever when it comes to your digital management and care.

Here are just a few of the many great services that Glasgow IT support companies can provide to your business:

1.Emergency support

There’s nothing worse than your email system, operating system or your actual hardware kicking the bucket with very little notice – and without a doubt, this always happens when you’re in the middle of something very important. Employing an IT support company, especially a local one, can provide you with an emergency service specifically designed for your business, providing solutions and repair for your IT technology as soon as possible.

2. Backup and restoration

Unlike some internal IT support, choosing a dedicated company often means you have access to specific skill sets or technologies. This is often of great advantage when it comes to backing up relevant information or data off-site in a secure and encrypted way. Opting to employ IT support from an external company gives you access to expertise, and their experiential knowledge in backing up and caring for other companies’ data will leave you in safer hands.

3. Superior security

Working with an external IT support company also provides you with a business that is invested in high security for IT systems – after all, they would need similar or identical systems for the management and care of their own data. This is especially key since the GDPR, with all the right measures needing to be put in place and maintained appropriately. IT support can provide that security and more with their expertise in the subject.

4. Training and support

It’s in the name – IT support is all about supporting your business to do better when it comes to the management and usage of your IT systems. Depending on your requirements, an IT support company may be able to provide you with support by way of training and learning materials for specific software and systems. If they don’t offer this internally, they will have all the recommendations you need to understand your IT system better.

5. Communication management

It’s not just generic data that requires support and management. Everything from secure internal messaging systems to emails requires maintenance and a service that can resolve problems quickly and effectively. An external IT support company can keep those communication lines open, and even provide better services or systems to enhance your existing communications methods.


We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading technology companies, such as Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and Symantec. This gives us access to their expertise, which helps us provide a superior, better informed, service to our clients.

If you’re looking for an excellent service in IT support, Glasgow companies can rely on the skills, know-how and experience of Consilium. We can provide all the services you need and more, get in touch to find out more about what we can offer to your business, and how we can improve your IT system.


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