4 ways to improve your IT support processes

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If you’ve ever been the recipient or requester of IT support, you know that repairing something that’s gone wrong or explaining certain techniques or mechanics, can be a convoluted process that requires many steps to find the right solution – often wasting time that could otherwise be used more effectively. When it comes to managing the way your IT support process works, there are many things to consider. Here are just a few simple ways you can improve that process to get your network, system or PC up and running faster:

1. Use a troubleshooting list

With computers and IT, in general, being a more complex system than ever before, it’s a fact of life that once in a while something will go wrong. But when it comes to errors or problems based on everyday office work, sometimes there can be an easy – if not obvious – solution.

Sharing knowledge on past problems, whether by email or with a list of potential solutions, can improve your chances of your employees being able to fix minor issues themselves, or at least put them through their paces before contacting IT support; saving you both time and cost.

2. Create a flagging or tier system

Not all problems are created equal – for example, a network going down may be a higher priority than someone not being able to access a specific software, or certain staff members may need to access IT services more than others.

Putting in place a central flag or tier system internally allows you to advise IT support which tasks are the most important; even if, to those outside your particular team or business area, it may not seem as necessary.

3. Update your IT services

Many IT support issues can be immediately resolved, or at least lessened, by ensuring the IT services used by your business are up to date and current. This is especially important in relation to systems such as networks, as well as operating systems to keep up with the latest updates in software.

Knowing that the version of everything you’re running is correct can go a long way towards solving ongoing issues, and can ensure that all IT support queries are more likely to be genuine.

4. Outsource to the experts

IT support in-house may be a tempting choice for many businesses. But by outsourcing that service not only are you entrusting your business to a team of experts, rather than one person who may be overworked, you’re also accessing information from experts in different areas of IT, which could result in faster resolving of issues.

Outsourced IT can better adapt to busy times, sudden influxes of issues and overall flexibility with the support they can provide – giving you far more leeway if something does go wrong.

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