$26.2 Billion for LinkedIn. What about Yammer?

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At Consilium we are big fans of Yammer. If you don’t know what Yammer is it’s a like Facebook for businesses.

At Consilium we all use Yammer daily. We have groups where we can put up posts and people can comment or like etc. in exactly the same way as you would in Facebook.

For us Yammer has been useful as another way of getting people to collaborate. It keeps down a little of the email clutter and it provides a subtler way to involve people in conversations as opposed to ‘yet another email’.

What’s interesting about Yammer is that you get it as part of most Office 365 SKU’s including E1, E3 and the Business Essentials variants.

If you aren’t using Yammer already get in touch and we can assist you with it.

Yammer was bought by Microsoft in 2012 and quickly integrated in to the 365 platform. Microsoft did the same thing with Skype which merged with Lync to become Skype for Business. Some people feel that Microsoft forced those integrations through and actually diluted the original brands.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella is on record stating that with LinkedIn Microsoft want to approach things differently and he was considering “what does it mean to give the culture and brand the capability to flourish and room to breathe … We are going to break some new ground.”

With 400 million users Yammer is a huge opportunity for Microsoft, albeit at a huge cost. With Office 365 and Azure Microsoft are making huge strides to becoming a primarily serviced based organisation and LinkedIn only pushes that journey further. It’s an exciting time to be a Microsoft Partner and to help our customers take advantage of the constantly evolving set of Microsoft technologies on offer.

Consilium offer a range of cloud readiness assessments to help business leverage the most from Microsoft cloud technologies such as Office 365 and Azure. Get in touch and learn how we can help you get full value from your existing cloud investment or gain some advantage from moving on premise solutions to the cloud.


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