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Security Lifecycle Review


Find out what your users are doing

The SLR will reveal a plethora of information around user activity including

What websites are being visited?

What applications are being users?
What data is leaving my network?

This can help establish visibility of productivity, threats and what is using corporate bandwidth

Threats and Malware

The report will highlight your risk exposure to a potential attack.

How many exploits have been found?

How many malwares have been found?

Is my network being actively hacked?

See, known and unknown malware and command and control activity on your network.


Learn how to comply with GDPR and prevent DLP (Data Loss Prevention).

What SaaS applications are in use?

How much data is being transferred?

Where is my data going?

Learn how to better harden their internet connectivity and safeguard company information.

SLR report

Compiled by our security experts, your confidential
SLR report will show you:

  • Which applications are in use, and the potential risks to exposure
  • Specific details on ways adversaries are attempting to breach your network
  • Comparison data for your organisation, versus that of your industry peers
  • Actionable intelligence – key areas you can focus on immediately to reduce your risk exposure

Peace of mind

Hindsight makes it easy to lay blame after a network security breach. But, as with most things in life, being proactive and preventing a breach from occurring in the first place is always a better option than reactivity hunting for who/what to point the finger at afterwards. So wouldn’t you like to find out where you’re most at risk now – and take preventative action immediately?

Consilium UK are offering free Security Lifecycle Reviews (SLR) in collaboration with Palo Alto Networks. Arrange one today to find out what’s really happening with your network.

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