The Microsoft Security Stack

Everything you need, for everything that matters.

Whether in the Cloud or on-premises, your business technologies need premium protection. Yet with cyber threats rising and the virtual workplace widening, developing a cohesive cyber security solution can feel bewildering – if not untenable.

With the Microsoft Security stack, your business security is more coherent, convenient and compatible than ever.

Cyber Security that protects and embraces your Microsoft Cloud

As the World’s most prominent tech provider, Microsoft’s solutions are among the most trusted by businesses – and the most targeted among cyber criminals.

With a Microsoft Security Stack, you don’t only have a security solution dedicated to your Microsoft workplace, but one that’s built for growth and complete compatibility with your existing Microsoft solutions.

Protect your Microsoft Cloud, with:



Microsoft Defender for Office 365 P1

  • Protection from malicious email attachments
  • Safe scanning and verification of URLs
  • Anti-phishing technology
  • Real-time threat detection


Microsoft Intune

  • Integration with both Microsoft and third-party applications
  • Implementation of security protocols across all devices in an organisation
  • Assignment and setup of apps across users and departments, configured to bespoke security needs


Microsoft Defender for EndPoint Plan 1

  • Smartly identify threats based on your business nature
  • Evolving antivirus, enabled by next-generation machine learning
  • Security reporting for clear and simple threat analysis


Microsoft Defender for Office 365 P1

  • Smart user authentication
  • Protection from unauthorised access attempts
  • Secure connections across both B2B and B2C communications

Recover compromised data, with:

Backup to Microsoft Azure

  • Centralised management and backup for your on-prem workloads
  • Safe, economical storage of large multimedia and data files
  • Large-scale system restore, allowing for ‘point-of-return’ recovery

Analyse your security posture, with:


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2

  • Manage vulnerabilities automatically and spot emerging threats in real-time
  • AI-driven threat investigation explores unexpected anomalies
  • Full threat service through Microsoft Security Experts.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 2

  • Automated investigation that streamlines manual processes
  • Attack Simulations for training and analytical purposes
  • Regular updates and surveillance of emerging security threats

Dive Deeper into The Microsoft Security Stack

Our eBook, The Microsoft Security Stack details the key technologies protecting your Office 365 data, your Microsoft Cloud and your users. From common technologies like Microsoft Defender, to more granular tools such as Azure Active Directory, you’ll learn:

  • How Microsoft Defender protects your inbox from malicious links and attachments
  • The differences between different Microsoft Security software plans and their capabilities
  • The importance of the ‘shared responsibility’ model – and why it matters for your backup solutions
  • How Intune and Azure Active Directory provide protection across users and their devices
  • And more….

The Cloud has changed business – as well as the way we react to the rising threat of cyber crime. With our eBook, you’ll understand how your Microsoft options are reliable, resilient and often readily-available for existing Microsoft users.

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