We’re extremely proud of our Symantec partnership. Consilium is one of only a small number of partners in the UK who are specialised in providing endpoint management or archiving and e-discovery, and the only managed partner in Scotland.

With our partnership comes extremely strong links to Symantec. We’re trained to provide technical services on behalf of Symantec to the same high level as their own staff. We have direct access to internal tools and resources. These enable us to provide the highest level of consultancy and support around any of the Symantec product ranges.

Specialists in endpoint management, archiving and e-discovery

These specialisations are held by only seven partners in the UK. This demonstrates our high level of expertise and commitment to keeping current with Symantec product lines. To gain and keep this accreditation, our highly skilled consultants must possess STS, SSE and SSE+ qualifications and be individually assessed by Symantec around their product knowledge.


This makes us one of the leading sources of consultancy for:

  • Altiris Client Management Suite
  • Altiris Server Management Suite
  • Altiris Asset Management Suite
  • Altiris Workflow
  • Altiris IT Management Suite
  • Enterprise Vault for Exchange
  • Enterprise Vault for Domino
  • Enterprise Vault for SharePoint
  • Enterprise Vault for File Servers
  • Discovery Accelerator