Symantec Endpoint Management

Manage your IT assets more effectively


Symantec Endpoint Management is a suite of products that can help you drive down IT costs, improve efficiencies and security, automate your IT infrastructure, and much more.


Endpoint Management from Symantec helps you make savings and organisational efficiencies across your IT estate — on Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and virtual environments.

Includes Mac users too

Today, more and more businesses supply Macs to their people. Similarly, many BYOD and home workers are using Macs. Endpoint Management can confidently manage Mac OS, without any sacrifices.

Hardware and software management

Endpoint Management discovers, manages and tracks your complete IT infrastructure — hardware and software. It makes it easy to identify issues, apply solutions and document compliance.

Patch management

Endpoint Management delivers new applications and updates to any device on your network. With a coherent patch management policy, all of your users are protected against known vulnerabilities.

Security for remote workers

If your employees work from home or on the road, they probably use multiple devices. Endpoint Management enables safer working outside the corporate firewall.


Endpoint Management is a suite of products which together provide a powerful management tool. You can select the whole suite or just the elements you need.

  • Client management — helps you manage, secure, and troubleshoot desktops and laptops throughout their entire IT lifecycle
  • Server management — capabilities to provision, control, automate, and monitor physical and virtual servers
  • Application virtualisation and streaming — deliver the right IT resources to the right users in any locationcle
  • Asset and service desk — helps you track your IT assets, organise software licenses and IT contracts, validate software license compliance, and deliver a better IT service


As a Symantec Gold Partner, we’re one of only a few companies in the UK who can offer Endpoint Management. We can offer you an attractive package which means you’ll pay no more than if you were buying directly from Symantec.


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