Symantec Data Centre Security

Essential protection in today’s threat landscape


Traditional protection tools like antivirus still have a role to play, but without a way to optimise protection for each unique server or virtual server, your business information can still be exposed. Data Center Security from Symantec could be the solution.


Data Center Security performs equally well in physical and virtual environments. Where a virtual server moves across hosts, its security policy automatically follows.

Data centre hardening

Hardening the data centre helps to stop cyber criminals in their tracks, and also protects against mistakes made by authorised users. It also helps to control malicious insider abuse.

Mitigates patching

Applying patches takes time, and supporting end of life systems can be costly. Data Center Security reduces the maintenance costs of legacy systems, and protects systems between patch cycles.

Real-time monitoring

Real time monitoring helps you spot violations and implement corrective actions. You can also easily create event logs for reporting and analysis, enabling you to display compliance with any external regulations.

Comprehensive protection

Virtual environments are liable to the same attacks as physical ones — Data Center Security covers both. Optimised for VMware vSphere 5.x it can protect the environment at management server, hypervisor and guest levels.



As a Symantec Gold Partner, Consilium is one of only a handful of companies in the UK offering this service. We’ve been trained by Symantec to provide technical services at the same high level as their internal staff. We also have access to their internal tools and resources. This lets us provide the highest level of consultancy and support for any Symantec product range.


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