Gain access to a wealth of IT expertise with fixed price costings, reduce downtime, get fast access to the latest technology with affordability in mind, and benefit from our automated patching, fixing and on the fly configurations.

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Edinburgh IT Consultancy

Even effective IT systems will benefit from an outside perspective. Most in-house IT departments have access to limited expertise. Consilium work with scaling businesses throughout the UK, bringing a wealth of experience to even the smallest growing business.

Our IT consultancy service aims to identify your business objectives and provide IT solutions to meet those goals. Our aim is to give businesses of all sizes a competitive advantage, increase productivity, eliminate bottlenecks and increase employee happiness because often people want to do what they were hired for, yet, over time, system processes take up more of their time, causing them to less done daily. It’s bad for business and it’s worse for employee retention.

Technology should be enhancing your business. Not adding unnecessary stress.

As Cloud Enterprise experts, we can identify the best areas within your network that can be migrated to the Cloud, reducing operational expenses. A poorly designed IT system will decrease productivity and bring higher expenses. Consilium will work with your business to meet the objectives you define.

IT Audits

IT Systems can be the bottleneck of many business operations. Technology is supposed to enhance work processes and does when used right. After a while, legacy systems that haven’t changed in line with business changes become redundant. Similar processes are done manually that could be automated, staff leave, agencies change and access rights aren’t changed.

Network access is pivotal to IT security. Only the people who need access should have it, limiting the potential leaks of customer profile data, financial records, and ensuring file encryption is used effectively throughout all departments.

Consilium can work with IT departments across businesses in Edinburgh to transform IT systems from bottlenecks to productive processes with streamlined operations, maximising collaboration internally, and reducing the need for repetitive processes and file duplication.

Cost savings are almost inevitable as there’s nearly always processes that can be improved with technology.

We can assist with information compliance, reporting, tracking and streamlining business centric operations to bring cost savings and increase efficiencies.

Maximum IT Cyber Security for Edinburgh Enterprises

Cyber Security takes top spot on the watchlist of things that can and do damage business reputation, resulting in severe down time and has the most potential to damage brand reputation. Security weaknesses can allow exploits into your network, leading to confidential data being captured by cyber intruders. Data breaches is a massive problem for businesses of all sizes and it’s preventable with the right IT software working to protect your network.

Off the shelf antivirus software products are no longer effective for enterprise level businesses and indeed, some growing businesses using cloud infrastructure to scale fast because they react to known threats. A user somewhere needs to be infected before it becomes a known security threat.

Among the most effective tools for cybersecurity in modern businesses is TrapsTM Endpoint Protection alongside WildFire® malware analysis.

Consilium are the UKs only managed IT service provider offering Palo Alto TrapsTM… a proactive security software that blocks any unknown source code attempting to enter the network. Only recognised, assessed and verified whitelisted executables can run on systems with this advanced protection. If it’s flagged as a potential threat, it won’t be on your network. This is the reverse approach to traditional antivirus products. Instead of fishing for threats on the networks, nothing is trusted! The safest protection to anything is to never assume.

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We’re partners with many of the world’s largest business software specialists — such as Microsoft, Symantec, Veritas, Citrix, VMWare and Nutanix — a pedigree you’ll find hard to match in Scotland. Our deep understanding of business software means we can help you with a wide range of IT solutions. But it’s not just software we help our clients with — IT infrastructures, cloud computing, security, and lots more.

IT Support

Outsource your IT Support to Consilium

- Telephone, Remote & Onsite Support
- Unlimited or Credit Based Support
- Qualified Technicians backed up by Senior IT Consultants
- Local Presence

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Cloud Services

Consilium can offer support services for all IT functions including Office 365, Azure, IT Security & Backup.

- Accredited by leading vendors
- Unified billing across vendors
- Cloud migration services
- One point of contact for support

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Application Support

IT support for key applications delivered by accredited IT helpdesk engineers and consultants. Support for all leading vendors

Single & multi-vendor support options available
Flexible credit based support
Credits can be used for services or support

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Our Pedigree

Our Edinburgh IT support team has been helping clients for more than a decade. We can also access the specialist knowledge of our consulting teams to bring even more expertise to your IT projects. As a full-service provider, we’re one of only a few IT support companies who can offer this level of service.

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