The IT essentials for legal firms

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The digital threat landscape is forever changing, with new cyber-attacks being released into the digital world every day. Not only are they rapidly increasing, but also increasing in sophistication, therefore a need for technology to ensure your business is protected and remain productive without any downtime or glitches is vital.


But why is it more crucial for legal firms?

It’s simple. Your data is confidential in every sense of the word. In the wrong hands, the consequences could be devastating. Sometimes the simplest of things can help your team work more securely, whether remote or in the office. With our IT essentials, you can ensure that your business remains operational, secure and efficient.


Here are 3 top IT essentials for legal businesses  


1. Email security

Emails are the easiest way to be caught out, and it makes sense; it’s the most common form of communication businesses use. Nasty emails can catch anyone in your team out by surprise; they can be disguised as the bank, a colleague, an enquiry…pretty much anything. And what phishing emails can contain can be even worse; we’re talking ransomware and malicious malware. Both are two forms of cyber-attacks you don’t want to interact with. 

 So what’s the best way to avoid it? 

 First things first, whenever you send an email, ensure it’s encrypted; you don’t want the wrong hands getting into your private emails. Secondly, get a multi-layered email security solution implemented. And finally? Train your team. It could not be simpler; you are only as strong as your weakest link. If your team don’t know what to look out for, how can they help stop cybercrime? 


2. Business continuity is fundamental

If your business goes down and systems stop, you will have to endure serious downtime; this can be damaging to not only your reputation, profitability but your credibility. And in the legal sector, that’s everything. You need a business continuity plan to guarantee that no matter what, you can remain operational. Implement a comprehensive backup solution, so your confidential data is safe and secure should the worst happen. These are fundamentals to the majority of businesses but cannot be stressed enough for the legal sector.


3. Communication is key

A reliable communication platform is a key to any business’s success. And working in a stressful and challenging sector, deadlines can be pressing, and information needs to be shared with a matter of urgency in many cases. Provide your team with a tool that can video call, instant message, host meetings and collaborate in real-time. You’ll be surprised how much easier your life will be when you move away from traditional and time-consuming forms of communicating.

Your team will become more productive, efficient and collaborating will never be easier. This will help foster a working environment built on team culture and therefore help your business excel.

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