Forcepoint DLP Endpoint protects roaming users against Advanced Threats and data theft on and off your network in an easy-to-use solution. Advanced technologies help you quickly identify and protect sensitive data and provide actionable forensic insight into attacks on endpoint devices on or off network.

  • Precise ID Fingerprinting of structured and unstructured data
  • Optical Character Recognition so data does not slip through the cracks
  • Detect and apply classification label from 3rd party solutions
  • Machine learning classifiers to identify never-before-seen data
  • Advanced analytics identifies riskiest users with Incident Risk Ranking
  • Cumulative analysis for Drip DLP

92% of surveyed customers report that Forcepoint DLP’s effectiveness is better than competitors

Data fingerprinting - in both structured systems (CRMs, databases) & unstructured data Unstructured Data, it can be challenging to detect data exfil. Our Precise ID fingerprinting capabilities detect not only the entire file but also partial fingerprinting (thanks to “cascading hashing”) so you can detect when pieces of the data are moving through and around your network.

Auto application of controls based on fingerprinting, even when user devices are not on the network Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify data imbedded in images, when combined with our other detection capabilities, this is a powerful feature.

Advanced data classification - comes standard with DLP Includes traditional classifiers such as keywords and regular expressions.

PII identification (data validation checks, real name detection, proximity analysis and context identifiers), PHI & Intellectual Property Key when needing to meet GDPR compliance. This classification detection is enabled through partnerships with Boldon James, Titus & Microsoft Machine learning classifiers, which adds the ability to identify never-before-seen data Incident Risk Ranking.

Advanced analytics that identifies risk to data security based on changes in user behavior. The analytics identify changes in behavior as it relates to user interaction with data. Advanced analytics that aggregate risk for each insider and risk-driven priority of insiders that focus response teams on the biggest threats to data security Incident Risk Ranking aggregates Cumulative analysis for drip DLP detection.

Traditional DLPs often look at the quantity of data being exfiltrated at a specific point in time and can miss the “low and slow” exfil that may be taking place over an extended period of time.

Our drip DLP is designed to detect slow data leaks when an abnormal frequency of legitimate user activity is detected (ie. Users who are permitted to load content 3 times every 15 mins, but are now maxing out that cap on a consistent basis, every hour) This could indicate nefarious activity and will be detected by Forcepoint DLP (prompting an alert or blocking the activity – depending on how the policies are configured).

"Forcepoint DLP has been a great tool for our organization. It’s simple and effective. It allows for increased visibility and policy enforcement. What makes it better is that it is all managed from a central console."


The Art of Managing Risk - Making the Invisible, Visible

Forcepoint Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) automatically discovers cloud application use, analyzes the risks and enforces appropriate controls for SaaS and production applications. Forcepoint ensures the safe and productive use of cloud apps across all users and endpoints.






  • Discover Shadow IT applications and assess risk
  • Centrally assess and control users, data, and security policies
  • Unique real-time behavioral anomalies and user activity monitoring (Cloud UEBA)
  • Flexibility to add cloud applications by being deployed in both API (offline) and Proxy (inline)
  • Enforce risk-based multi-factor authentication


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