The long awaited Altiris ITMS 7.5 Release is finally here!

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ITMS 7.5 has finally arrived bringing with it both new and enhanced features.

Cloud Enabled Management

One of the most significant feature of ITMS 7.5 is cloud enabled management (CEM). With CEM administrators will be able to manage their endpoint devices securely through the Internet without the need for a VPN.

Clients connect back to the enterprise network via a gateway server located in the DMZ. Once connected client can perform a number of management related tasks including:

  • Inventory
  • Software Management
  • Patch Management
  • Task Management

Improved Compatibility

ITMS 7.5 expands on platform support and now supports the following operating systems

  • Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Mac OSX 10.8
  • Mac OSX Server 10.8
  • RHEL 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4
  • Suse Linux Enterprise Server/Desktop 11 SP2
  • AIX 7.1

SQL support is also improved with the addition of Microsoft SQL 2012.

Patch Management

Greater automation of patch management arrives in in ITMS 7.5. A dedicated workflow is included to allow automated staging and deployment of updates to predefined targets. The workflow provides auditing information and summaries to allow administrators to track progress of patching within their organisation.

Deployment Solution

Symantec have enhanced deployment solution with new and improved features.

  • Support for Mac OSX 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 imaging and scripted installs
  • Support for EFI/UEFI based computers
  • WinPE 3.1 support
  • SSL support for deployment
  • Predefined computers can now be entered manually through a form
  • Like the initial deployment menus for new computers, administrators can now redeploy managed computers by selecting from predefined jobs via an onscreen menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Advancements in 3D Scanning Have Changed Some Industries

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In 3D scanning, a physical object can be scanned using a circling laser scanner so that the measurements, patterns and details of the object can be accurately captured. The scanner processes the dimensions of the object and this allows people to duplicate or even edit the various aspects of the physical object. The good thing with that is that people who are in various fields that frequently need to perform tasks that work with a lot of design manipulation can in turn get accurate readings of the objects they are working on. A person can duplicate in exact detail, the size and design dimensions of a statue and replicate it elsewhere using a 3D printer. Here are some fields where the 3D scanners can come in handy.


Architecture and Geographical Surveying


Architects work with a lot of miniature models of various upcoming construction projects. It may be a time consuming affair to manually duplicate an architectural model without getting some measurements wrong. However, with a 3D scanner, someone can scan the already existing model and even email it to a friend who is living in a different content. Using a 3D printer, the recipient can then print out a 3D model that will perfectly fit the bill. The recipient can even blend a bit of his own creativity and perform some editing to add new upgrades to the previous model.


Geographical surveying has on the other hand become easier because laser 3D scanners have made the industry less manual. Traditional surveying methods that relied too much on optical equipment and manual measurements of distance will soon be fully replaced by 3D scanning which can allow people to conduct accurate measurements at low costs to construction firms. The time that is spent on surveying a small piece of land will also reduce, having in mind that in some projects take days to complete. A digital representation of what the land looks like in 3D gives them many more advantages when planning for construction projects or when there are plans to extract raw materials.


How 3D scanning helps in law enforcement and forensic investigations


Whenever there has been a crime scene, a great priority is given to preserving readings about where certain evidence was found and the distance it was from other exhibits found at the scene. Laser scanners can preserve the dynamics of crucial evidence such as size of bullet holes, splinters and damage to property. These can therefore give the investigators a better chance at recreating the scene elsewhere so that investigations can be carried out without having to be present at the scene. Investigators can even collaborate on the recreated 3D setting while they are miles apart.


3D scanning in design and fashion business


Duplicating a shoe or clothing design becomes super easy when someone has a small 3D scanner. A person who wants to be given an accurate reading of the best shoe size would have his favourite shoe scanned on the inside so that specialists can custom-build another shoe that fits perfectly. Designers can even look at a new shoe and tell the exact parts of the foot which will hurt if a smaller size is picked.


IPhone the most awaited phone

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Apple knows how to keep the new products very secretly from the open world. Even though some years ago one of the important managers forgot his IPhone 4 prototype in a restaurant, till the new product releases we only hear speculations about it.


IPhone 5S is expected to be released in September. Almost every year Apple uses the same tactic by waiting till September, higher up the expectations and coming up with new technology. After every IPhone is released the other smartphone companies take this technology, modify it, and maybe make it little bit better until the new IPhone comes out. That’s why every new IPhone is the most awaited smartphone by just not users but also rivals.


So far we still have nothing about IPhone 5S but rumours. Even the name is not for sure, we know %99 it will be IPhone 5S but this is Apple we are talking about that loves to make big surprises. Apple also plans to release a cheaper IPhone for some years and according the last news this year is the year and the name probably will be IPhone 5C. IPhone 5C will not include all the super technology that last IPhones have and the cover will be plastic but still it will be another IPhone. So when we say cheaper it won’t be cheap, just little bit cheaper because being cheap and Apple don’t suit each other.

When we look at the previous “S” additions of any IPhone release we see that the cover stays same but the technical specifications change. And how do we know that this one will be another “S” addition type? We know it because of IPhone 3GS, IPhone 4S. This is Apple and every number needs to be added by “S” according to business tactic. Every new IPhone comes up with better resolution. So get ready to see the colours more real. After looking leaked specs, the new iPhone 5S will include an NFC reader, a Fingerprint Reader, a 4-inch 1136 × 640 display, a new 12 megapixel backside camera with dual LED flash, 2GB of RAM, a quad-core SGX 554MP4 GPU, an A6 CPU and improved LTE. It also has a bigger battery than its predecessor. Bigger battery means more battery life.



Apple loves the use two colours for IPhone cases which are black and white. But with IPhone 5S a new colour is expected, gold/champagne colour. Making a new colour for the phones was just a rumour in the recent years but this year even some photos have been published.


Last news about the release tells us that the new IPhone will be released firstly in China. Europe, US and the rest of the countries need to wait about 2 months till they have it in their hands.

As I said in the beginning till we hold the IPhone in our hands all we hear will be mostly rumours and if you want to read some of them you can visit:



For years Apple has worked with Samsung to produce processors. But with all legal issues and trials, it won’t be surprise if Apple comes up with new Intel processors. We wait and see.


The Strides Which Global Businesses Have Made Through Management Software

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When working with many global corporations and a bulging list of employees, it would really pay to have decent business management software to help people automate some operations. Even for small businesses, a collection of management software and other specialized packages can help people handle tasks like inventory management, sales records and other crucial tasks such as fleet management. The good thing about using enterprise planning packages is that they fall into any industry-specific categories so that everyone can get something that is tailor-made for his business.


Software helps speed up business processes


When working with business management software, people can help speed up certain processes. For example, when people settle for accounting software and other inventory management applications, they can quickly get an accurate estimate for information such as stock balances, debt owed and details about expenses that are going to mature in the near future. Business to business communication is also simple since accounting packages like ‘Quicken’ and ‘Quickbooks’ can allow people to generate invoices and email them to the people who owe have purchased some products.


Most aspects of running a business, including production, selling and after-sales tasks have benefited from proper use of specialized business management software. Managers can monitor the level of production and compare it to data about absenteeism and punctuality. Efficient human resource decisions can be made as a result, such as new rules to reduce the absentee rates and ultimately, the levels of production. Where manufacturing processes are concerned, the managers can stay updated on the status of various operations that are crucial to the overall targets that the firm may have set. The overall effect of the efficient production speeds and input monitoring is that the company ends up saving on costs due to less wastage of resources.


Web applications that assist in business management


Tasks such as emailing and instant messaging are a great part of the management routine. Sometimes, bulk emails need to be sent to a list of clients regarding a special upgrade to a certain service or to simply wish them a Merry Christmas. Management software that is compatible with other Web applications allow even the smallest of businesses to do bulk emailing and get feedback without spending too much. Unlike some years back, businesses that do not have a lot of hardware resources can simply turn to cloud computing whenever they need to store bulk data that is crucial for their company.


Related software that blends with other internet applications to ease the time management include the auto reply services, calendar services and other applications that can allow an employee of the company to work remotely. Quite unlike the 70s, database management software can help company managers to get real time updates of things that are happening in the production scene back at the office place. The CEO can keep tabs on how the accounting department is doing and with a click of a button, he can get a glimpse of what new leads the marketing department has come up with. In a nutshell, management software removed many communication boundaries that had existed before.